Kitchen Tip: Hands-Free Bag

Have you ever been frustrated when attempting to pour something into a zippered bag? Try this head-smackingly simple trick.


  • Fold the top of the bag down around the outside of the bag, like a cuff. Open the bag wide.
  • As the bag becomes full, pull up the cuff and continue to fill the bag until completely full.


Do you see those funny markings on the bag? We like to decorate our bags when we label them.

P.S. It’s Kitchen Tip Tuesday…




5 thoughts on “Kitchen Tip: Hands-Free Bag

  1. I put my baggies inside of a tall drinking glass/cup, I then fold the cuff down over the edge. This makes it so easy to fill the bags with liguids, vegetables etc. I usually cook 10 lbs of mashed potatoes at a time. I use this method to fill the bags and them pat them flat to freeze as this takes up much less room than using a freezer container.

  2. We used this tip in culinary school when filling pastry bags with icing and such. never occurred to me that the method can be used for simply pouring stuff in a ziploc bag. Head-smacking for me indeed!

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