The Winner is…


Commenter #11 – MaryBe!


Thank you all so much for participating in my giveaway. This has been so much fun. Now I have so many great ideas for what to do with cornbread!



4 thoughts on “The Winner is…

  1. I know the contest is over and done with, but I was wondering what pattern you used? I’m new to knitting and am trying to find some different and things to knit. I’ve heard you can’t replace hand knitted dishcloths. 😀

    • Samantha: Yes, hand knitted dishcloths are wonderful! Here is a link to a pattern I created. It uses two strands of crochet thread instead of one, but you could easily make the ones in the giveaway by using smaller needles and a single strand of crochet thread.
      Feel free to ask me any questions!

  2. Oh that sounds incredibly easy!!! Have you ever tried knitting socks? I found a site with a free tutorial. If your interested, I can give it to you. 🙂

    Thanks a lot Erica!

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