Substituting Whole Wheat Flour – a Primer


When I first started substituting whole wheat flour for white, I had a host of problems. Nothing seemed to turn out right – my quick breads burned on the outside before they were done on the inside, or were too dry, or too wet. After reading some whole grain books and listening to the advice of seasoned bakers, I was able to change the way I looked at whole wheat flour.

Here are a few simple guidelines for substituting whole wheat flour.

Know Your Flour

I used to think that there was one kind of whole wheat flour. It never occurred to me that there were different types of wheat. After reading Whole Grain Baking, my eyes were opened. Now I use three types of wheat: hard red, hard white, and soft white. Choosing the right type of flour for a particular recipe is essential to getting good results.

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014The winner of this super-awesome scale is:

Commenter #50 Rachel: “Blueberries! Totally my weakness. I could sit and eat a whole entire carton of them in one sitting if you let me!!”

Thank you all so much for entering my giveaway and sharing you food weaknesses. Have a lovely day!

Product Review & Giveaway: Perfect Portions Scale


A few weeks ago I received this beautiful gadget and excitedly opened it. Let me share my findings with you!

The Perfect Portions Scale is a special food scale that helps you to accurately keep track of your nutritional & calorie intake. It’s a food scale + nutrition facts. Here’s how it works:


Find your food’s number in the index.


Enter the food code and place the item on the scale.


And there you have a complete nutritional analysis: calories, carbs, fiber, etc. How cool is that?

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Maple Apple Pecan Bread




We have been blessed with a multitude of apples this year. It’s wonderful to be able to, after a hard run, pluck an apple from our trees and enjoy a sweet reward.


It’s also wonderful to have so many apples on hand, ready to create something delicious. Like pink apple jelly. Or this scrumptious Maple Apple Pecan Bread.

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