Hello all! Today is Friday, one of my favorite days of week.

It’s just meant for good times with friends & staying up way too late.

On this lovely Friday, I’m giving away a $30 coupon to Frigidaire Accessories. There you can find kitchen gadgets, cleaners, cutlery, cookware, and more!


Here’s how you can enter to win:

1) (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post describing you favorite kitchen gadget.

2) For extra entries, subscribe via RSS or email. Make sure to come back and leave anothercomment for each entry. If you’re already subscribed, just tell me that.

3) For extra entries, follow me on Twitter or “like” me on Facebook. Make sure to come back and leave another comment for each entry.

4) For another extra entry, blog or tweet about this giveaway. Make sure to come back and leave another comment with a link to your post.

Giveaway ends January 28 at 10:00 p.m. Central. Using I will choose one winner.

Good luck!


200 Responses to “Giveaway!”

  1. Amanda234 says:

    My favorite thing isn’t exactly a gadget as much as it is an appliance, but my favorite thing is my Keurig.

  2. Amanda234 says:

    Also I’m subscribed to your RSS

  3. leslie says:

    I loooove my iKea graters! It’s a tupperware bowl with a grater lid so when you grate cheese, it falls right into the container. And if you have leftover, you can just put a lid right on it. Absolutely fantastic!

  4. Chris says:

    My favorite and most frequently used kitchen gadget? Probably my kitchen tongs. I use them for everything – they’re just so much easier to use sometimes.

  5. Jackie says:

    Probably just my cheese grater….I love grating my own cheese, I’ll never buy the packaged stuff again!

  6. Chris says:

    Oh, and I’m already subscribed to your RSS feed – that’s how I found out about your contest :-)

    (And my 2nd favorite kitchen gadget is probably my 1 c. food processor I bought for less than $20 at Wally World many, many years ago.)

  7. My little tablespoon scooper that I portion out cookie dough with onto my amazing silpat mats! :-D

  8. my favorite gadget is my pastry cutter! i totally thought it was not an essential in the kitchen but ever since i got one… well, my pie crusts are so much better!

  9. My favorite kitchen gadget is my Cuisinart food processor. It makes grating cheese so much easier!

  10. i retwitted the giveaway!

  11. I read your posts daily in my RSS feed! :-D

  12. I also follow you on twitter! :-) @chocandcarrots

  13. Holly says:

    my favorite kitchen accessory is my Vita Mixer!

  14. Ashley LaRue says:

    My pampered chef garlic press!!

  15. Heidi says:

    I looooooved my immersion blender so much that I killed it a couple weeks ago :(

  16. Heidi says:

    I’m already subscribed by rss :)

  17. kvossler says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is our garlic press–right now I’m eating a lot of garlic for health reasons so it’s indispensable to me.

  18. kvossler says:

    and I subscribe to you via Google Reader.

  19. Chinyere says:

    Would I be a nerd to say my favorite kitchen gadgets are God-made? My hands…these are the best tools and can perform a number of important tasts; squishing, pounding, you name it!

    Ok, ok, if that does not work, then I’d have to say my Kitchen Aid mixer. I’m a baker and can’t imagine using anything else. : )

  20. Amanda says:

    My favorite gadget… hmm. I do like my food processor a lot!

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m subscribed via Reader- that’s how I found out about the giveaway! :)

  22. Chinyere says:

    I’m already “liking” you on FB and I just noticed that error in my last comment! “Tasks” not “tasts.” ;)

  23. Amanda says:

    I also am a Twitter follower- @pesto_chango

  24. Amanda says:

    And I just liked ya on FB. :)

  25. Marilyn says:

    I really like my garlic press, because I really like garlic. :-)

  26. Marilyn says:

    I already subscribe via RSS.

  27. Kim says:

    It’s a tie between my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and my digital scale. Couldn’t live without either!

  28. Hmm, it is so hard to chose! Probably my food processor. You can do so much with it!

  29. I subscribe in google reader

  30. Jessica says:

    I loooove my George Foreman grill. I never liked sandwiches… but now I can make the most amazing sandwiches! They’re a staple for me now!

  31. Jessica says:

    I also subscribe using Google Reader.

  32. Tricia says:

    I find endless uses for my long handled grater.

  33. Kelly says:

    I love my spatula!

  34. Carly says:

    A small wooden spoon. I use it constantly.

  35. Anna says:

    I can’t imagine not having my KitchenAid mixer! Hands-down my favorite kitchen gadget.

  36. aimee says:

    If my KitchenAid mixer counts as a gadget then for sure I would say that. Otherwise, a good set of spatulas are great to have!

  37. I couldn’t operate my kitchen without 900 rubber spatulas!

  38. Maryclare says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my knife. I would be lost without it.

  39. Maryclare says:

    I liked you on facebook.

  40. I love my cheese grater! I use it all the time. Could not live without it! I also subscribe to your feed!

  41. Kizzy says:

    I love my knives.

  42. Kizzy says:

    I liked you on FB.

  43. My microplane grater is my favorite. Perfect for hints of parmesan, zest and nutmeg.

  44. Andrea says:

    Yay! sounds great. I love your picture, too!

  45. Anne says:

    My favorite might be my instant read thermometer – essential for meat so I don’t overcook it but I also use it for making sure liquid is at the right temperature for recipes (especially bread recipes!). That baby is worth its weight in gold.

  46. Andrea says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  47. Andrea says:

    Annndddd I just subscribed via email!

  48. Andrea says:

    Please, don’t take into account my FIRST comment. I didn’t read closely enough, so I didn’t tell you my favorite gadget. Here ’tis:
    It is….a pampered chef chopper. I chop so much!

  49. MplsCathy says:

    I’d have to say my silicone flat whisk. I searched for a long time before I found it, and it was totally worth the wait. The special shape allows you to really get in all the areas of a pan like the edges and sides (that can be tricky for a normal whisk to do), great for roux and gravy and stuff where lumps can be a real bummer. And the silicone makes it safe to use on all finishes, especially the enameled cast iron which gets a lot of use in our kitchen.

  50. MplsCathy says:

    I just subscribed by email – yay!!

  51. Rachel says:

    immersion blender!!

  52. Probably our garlic press… I put garlic in almost everything. :-)

  53. I subscribe to your RSS!

  54. Nupur says:

    My favorite is my immersion blender- I use it on an almost daily basis.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Lisa Nelson says:

    This might sound lame, but my favorite appliance is actually my pastry blender. I use it as a whisk, a spoon, as well as for its intended use… : )

  56. Lisa Nelson says:

    I subscribe to your RSS!

  57. Bethany says:

    I love my immersion stick blender. I’ve started using it a lot more here lately.

  58. Bethany says:

    I follow you on Google reader.

  59. Bethany says:

    And I “liked” you on facebook, too.

  60. heather says:

    If I could choose anything, it’d be the 13″ x 2 3/4″ Mediterranean terra cotta glazed roaster. Beautiful color and amazing quality of product.



  61. heather says:

    I already follow you on Twitter, “liked” on Facebook.

  62. heather says:

    Ahh, I did not follow the rules. My favorite kitchen utensil is my wooden Julia Child spoon. I’ve had it since I was a little girl — a child-sized spoon with the word “Julia” etched into the handle. I use it *only* for baking. My one weird kitchen quirk.

    Cheers again,


  63. Angie Arthur says:

    I love my cookie scoop! Makes it so easy (and neat) to make uniform-sized cookies.

  64. Terri says:

    I would use the certificate towards one the Mediterranean Terracotta Glazed Roasters

  65. D. Hayes says:

    My micro plane grater. I use it for zesting , grating ginger and garlic. Parm. comes out so fluffy and light and it makes expensive Parm Regi. go so much farther.

  66. Terri says:

    I subscribe via RSS with googe reader.

  67. Terri says:

    I subscribe to your emails updates

  68. Terri says:

    I follow you on Twitter

  69. elizabethk says:

    My fav gadget is my cheese shaver – just enough cheese without over indulging (usually ;) )
    I sub to you via rss like u on fb! :)
    Thank you for the chance — enjoy the weekend.

  70. sherry says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my mini food processor because I never have to chop onions again, hooray!

  71. Darcie says:

    I’d have to say that spatulas are one of my favorites. They’re always great for helping to get all of the batter out of the bowl when I’m baking. :)

  72. sherry says:

    I also subscribe to your RSS feed via Google Reader; just found your blog last week and fell in love with your recipes.

  73. Melanie says:

    Favorite kitchen gadget: it’s a tie between my garlic press and my box grater. They are both always in the sink to be washed so that must mean I use them a lot (either that or I’m a lazy dish washer but that can’t be it.)

  74. Shawna says:

    It’s a tough choice to make but, I love, love, love my KitchenAid standing mixer. If I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t have started making fresh bread for the past 6 months.

  75. Shawna says:

    I already added you on FB months ago:o)

  76. Shawna says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed:o)

  77. Kris says:

    My favorite kitchen utensil would probably be my sturdy whisk from Pampered Chef.

  78. Kris says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  79. Kris says:

    And I’m subscribed to you through email.

  80. Julia says:

    My favorite gadget is my pizza cutter. I use it to cut everything from dough to sandwiches.

  81. Julia says:

    I liked you on facebook.

  82. Julia says:

    I follow you on twitter.

  83. Julia says:

    I found out about this giveaway through email.

  84. Andrea Dorn says:

    My favorite tool is my can opener that doesn’t leave any cutable edges.

  85. Andrea Dorn says:

    I subscribe to your emails.

  86. Andrea Dorn says:

    I liked you on facebook.

  87. Diana says:

    love my Pampered Chef Measure-all cup!! Measuring peanut butter, butter, etc… has never been easier :)

  88. Diana says:

    I am already subscribed to email updates!

  89. Jeri says:

    Hands down, favorite kitchen gadget is my Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer. I can’t believe I made it through 14 years of marriage and adulthood without such a handy gadget. I also have the grater attachment.

    I already subscribe by email.

  90. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    My favorite gadget are my measuring cups from pampered chef. I love the design of them.

  91. Jeri says:

    I liked you on Facebook.

  92. Jeri says:

    I also followed you on Twitter (I’m Jdacus24).

    And I’ve recommended you to my best friend and her 16 yr. old daughter (who loves to cook.) :)

  93. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    I like you on facebook~

  94. Kate D says:

    I love my microplane grater. I use it more than anything else!

  95. Jeri says:

    I posted your giveaway to my Twitter account. (Jdacus24)

  96. Jennie says:

    I love my grater.

  97. Holli says:

    My fave kitchen gadget is my egg slicer. I use it for strawberries too!

  98. Holli says:

    I’m a follower of yours

  99. Holli says:

    Following you on Twitter now too!

  100. Holli says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway here:

    @HolliLiane Great cooking giveaway going on over here….

  101. Alyse says:

    My favorite gadget comes from the hardware store- it is my zester, but it is not from a kitchen store source.

  102. Clover says:

    It changes from week to week, but right now I’m in love with my garlic press!

  103. Clover says:

    Also a “follower”!

  104. Amanda Thompson says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my mandoline.

  105. Amanda Thompson says:

    I subscribe via email :)

  106. Jessica M. says:

    I’d have to say a wooden spoon or my scale. Thanks!

  107. Carolyn says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be my mom’s KitchenAid mixer or breadmachine. I’m away at college and miss getting to bake with her! Out here my favorite gadget is my kitchen scale.

  108. Carolyn says:

    I subscribe via email!

  109. Carolyn says:

    I also like you on Facebook. :)

  110. Meghan says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my citrus juicer. Just put the lemon in and no mess…you have all the juice of the lemon!

  111. Meghan says:

    I love my citrus juicer. Just put the lemon in, squeeze and no mess! YOu get all the juice out!

  112. ElaineDavis says:

    I really like my Pampered Chef mini serving spatula. Alas, after 16 1/2 yrs of use (!) the handle has broken and it is time to replace!
    Thanks for the opportunity : )

  113. Robyn says:

    My favorite kitchen gadget is my food processor. It is so handy!

  114. Lorraine says:

    I love my garlic press!

  115. Lorraine says:

    And I subscribe to your emails!

  116. Lorraine says:

    AND I like you on Facebook!

  117. nadine says:

    My zester is a great gadget!!!! Just LOVE it for of course zesting but also grating Parmesan

  118. Linda Kay says:

    My apple peeler… especially when making apple kolaches.

  119. Marilyn says:

    My favorite gadget is the pampered chef measuring cup for liquids or solids.

  120. April says:

    My current favorite is my med. scoop that I love for cookie making!

  121. Sara A in SC says:

    My pizza stones – if those are not gadgets, then rubber scrapers… and mason jars…

  122. Sara A in SC says:

    I subscribe to email :)

  123. Sara A in SC says:

    I like you on Facebook

  124. heidi wightman says:

    My microplane!!

  125. heidi wightman says:

    I subscribe to email……my microplane!!!!

  126. heidi wightman says:

    I like you on Facebook…and my other fave gadget is my Kitchen Aid mixer in empire green!

  127. Linda J says:

    I like my garlic press.

  128. My favorite appliance is my wooden spoon!

  129. Trisha says:

    My favorite is probably my garlic press :) Cheese grater is a close second.

  130. christy spurlock says:

    Medium Cookie Scoop. Makes all cookies the exact size. Gotta love it.

  131. Betsy says:

    My favorite gadget right now is my new food processor. It’s digital and hold 14 cups and I love it!!

  132. Betsy says:

    I follow on Twitter and Facebook. I also subscribe to your email and RSS feed and love, love, love your blog!


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