What’s For Lunch #2: Crostini with Side Salad + Restaurant Photography


What I do for you guys.

Yesterday, I was out shopping at lunch time. I was pretty sure this would be the case, so I made sure to bring along my big ‘ol DSLR. I felt just a little silly bringing my boxy camera bag into the restaurant, but I wanted to share my lunch with ya’ll.
Know what? Photography in a restaurant is pretty difficult and a bit embarrassing. First, in a crowded restaurant, you have to move around until you find a table with good light. Then, you have to furtively take out your huge camera and pretend to casually take photos of your food. Everything within you cries out as you want to bend over your food, finding the best angle. But everyone around you would think you were crazy.

What I do for you guys.

Here’s what I had: Crostini (toasted baguette) with a cheese spread, topped with bacon and scallions, and a side salad (one of the best salads I’ve ever had at a restaurant). It was excellent.

What did you have for lunch today?


6 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch #2: Crostini with Side Salad + Restaurant Photography

  1. I am so embarrassed when taking photographs of food in restaurants. There is just no way to make it look casual. Actually, the only reason I want an Iphone is so I can take more restaurant photographs.

  2. Well, you certainly succeeded with the picture. Looks amazing! =) So thank you for doing that!

    I had a baguette with some curry chicken. It was alright even do I prefer the days when I’m not to busy to make myself some real food.

  3. I share the same qualms about restaurant photography – lighting and stare issues. But as food bloggers, I do what I have to and make it work 😀

    Mmmm.. that’s one drool-worthy lunch! I had a spiced paneer with quinoa & chickpea warm salad.

  4. I take photos every time I go to a restaurant to make post on my blog. The first times it was very embarrassing, but now I make my photos without be concerned of what people thinks.
    But I’m live in France, and I think it’s became more common to make this. Sometimes the owners of the restaurant ask me my blog’s name to visit it and see my post about their restaurant! 🙂

    Your lunch looks delicious !


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