What’s For Lunch #3 + Food Photography + The Winners!


Today for lunch I had a salad of organic baby greens and radicchio topped with cheddar cheese, pomegranate seeds, and honey french & blue cheese dressings. Absolutely delicious.


Recently I acquired a few things that make food photography a pleasure: A new tripod, a couple sheets of card stock (one black and one white), and white foam board. I’ve been having fun experimenting with them. The card stock I use as backdrops, and the foam board for a reflector.

Here I demonstrate different reflectors. All photos were taken with the exact same exposure settings. The only thing that’s different is the reflector used. All photos SOOC (straight out of camera).

1. No reflector | 2. White foam board | 3. Silver reflector | 4. Gold reflector

I ended up using #2 for the final shot.

Now for the Giveaway Winners!

Commenter #33: Michele, who said: “I baked whole wheat buttermilk biscuits!”


Commenter #158 garysgirl, who said: “The last thing I baked was some delicious bread.”

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway!

Please share what you had for lunch today in the comments!


8 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch #3 + Food Photography + The Winners!

  1. Thanks for sharing your photography tips.
    I seem to have a lot of problem with white showing up as grey in my photos. I noticed photo #4 has less grey…I might try a gold reflector now. Thanks dollface 🙂

    Hope married life is treating y’all well 🙂

  2. Looks really good!
    A suggestion; try using a second reflector to the left a little further away to ease up the shadow a bit, that way you’ll get a more depth to the image. Or use a flash with the fantastic trick of directing the flash up to the ceiling whilst having that ‘skincoloured’ tape over it. The best trick in the book, No softbox needed 🙂

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