Monday Favorites

Gorgeousness from around the internet.

Thanks to Hannah for the idea to do a favorites post in the first place!

Thyme print via evajuliet on Etsy.

This photo is amazing.

This song. It gives me the chills.

David Matthew Fiser Photography. Gorgeous. That is all.

This engagement shoot by Alixann Loosle Photography. Adorableness beyond belief.

This kitchen {via casa sugar} is so beautiful and bright

I love this chocolate. Seriously good.

Barr-Co. Fine Handmade Bath Salts via Anthropolgie

Berry Colander via Mignon Kitchen

Salt & Pepper Cellars via Terrain

In Season calendar for the Norther Hemisphere via Emiko Davies on Etsy.

What’s making you smile today?


Homemade Frappuccino


Skiing is my favorite winter sport. Feeling the snow swish beneath my feet as I slide down the “mountain” (in Minnesota, the closest things we have to mountains are very large hills).

It’s always fun to plan out our lunches for skiing, trying to come up with something special and delicious. A few weeks ago, I decided that Frappuccinos would be a lovely treat. Creamy coffee drinks are my favorite.

Thus I purchased a pack of bottled Frappuccions. The words “low-fat” on the bottle disturbed me a bit, but I was sure they would be yummy anyhow. Alas, not so. We found them to be overly sweet and thin.  We dumped in some cream and they were improved immensely. But I was sure I could make something better myself.


Sure enough, I was able to produce something rich and creamy with much better flavor and less sweetener. That’s the beauty of making it yourself – you can customize it to your own personal tastes!

Here is my method for making your own creamy bottled frappiccino drink at home. Don’t think of it as a recipe as it’s meant to be highly customizable. I like my coffee fairly strong, so keep that in mind.