Monday Favorites

Gorgeousness from around the internet.

Thanks to Hannah for the idea to do a favorites post in the first place!

Thyme print via evajuliet on Etsy.

This photo is amazing.

This song. It gives me the chills.

David Matthew Fiser Photography. Gorgeous. That is all.

This engagement shoot by Alixann Loosle Photography. Adorableness beyond belief.

This kitchen {via casa sugar} is so beautiful and bright

I love this chocolate. Seriously good.

Barr-Co. Fine Handmade Bath Salts via Anthropolgie

Berry Colander via Mignon Kitchen

Salt & Pepper Cellars via Terrain

In Season calendar for the Norther Hemisphere via Emiko Davies on Etsy.

What’s making you smile today?


7 thoughts on “Monday Favorites

  1. I found your blog from the “cooking for seven” one with all the forks! I ♥ it. I was looking for a bread recipe using mostly whole wheat. Anyhow, I’m smiling today because of the sunshine and fruit smoothies for breakfast. God is good!

    • Carrie: The lady whose kitchen that is answered that question here: “I made it! If you can believe it, it was a task lamp from HomeGoods that I took apart and reconfigured to be a sconce. It was on clearance as well, which was the best part!”

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