WIN Pioneer Woman’s Cooking Essentials!

Rosemary Biscuits

Disclosure: The author (that’s me) received a gift package from Land O’Lakes, including two cookbooks, a whisk, a slotted spoon, tongs and a full-value coupon redeemable for LAND O LAKES® Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, for recipe development and review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk butter.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a major fan of butter. Besides being incredibly healthy, it just plain tastes awesome. On just about everything. That’s why I was excited to be able to test and review some new butter from Land O’Lakes.

Rosemary Biscuits

Pioneer woman has teamed up with Land O’Lakes to help sing the praises of one of their new products: Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt. Last month I was lucky enough to be able to attend a webinar hosted by Ree, in which she detailed some of the wonderful qualities of butter, its history and how to cook with it.

It was so informative and fun, and the folks at Land O’Lakes even sent me a thank-you package with some awesome items (more on that later). When I couldn’t find any of the butter in our little town, Land O’Lakes sent the butter straight to my door. Yep, I was impressed.

Rosemary Biscuits

To test out the butter, I decided to see how it performed in baking. Using my buttermilk biscuits recipe as a base, I substituted the olive oil & sea salt butter for all of the fat, added a bit of rosemary and brushed the tops of the biscuits with extra virgin olive oil. They were simply scrumptious. My sisters-in-law and I gobbled them down (spread with the olive oil butter & honey, of course) before Reuben could give them a try. Poor guy was rather disappointed.

Final Breakdown of What I Think of the Butter:

  • Because there is some oil in this butter, it comes to room temperature faster than “regular” butter, which is quite handy.
  • I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this product – it’s “adulterating” my perfect food, I thought. And whereas I think it’s an awesome idea to pair olive oil and butter, I wish Land O’Lakes would have used extra virgin olive oil, which is much healthier.
  • As for taste, it’s lovely. I would say, since there’s only one less gram of saturated fat in the olive oil butter than regular butter (olive oil is mostly monounsaturated fat), it’s still mostly butter. Thus, the olive oil doesn’t overpower the butter flavor, it just complements it slightly. It’s wonderful spread on bread and crackers. The sea salt is also a nice addition.


But on to the giveaway. Land O’Lakes will be giving away Ree’s Cooking Essentials (the same package I received) to one lucky Cooking for Seven reader! The winner will receive both of Ree’s cookbooks, a whisk, a slotted spoon, tongs, and a full-value coupon for Land O’Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

Leave a comment on this post answering the following question: What’s your favorite use of butter and/or olive oil?


  • US residents only, please.
  • Only one comment per person allowed.
  • You must leave a valid email address in the comment form so I can contact you if you win.
  • Giveaway ends Wednesday, July 25th and 12:00 noon, Central Time. No comments will be considered for the giveaway after that time.
  • Using, I will choose one winner. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected.

Good Luck!


242 thoughts on “WIN Pioneer Woman’s Cooking Essentials!

  1. I love to bake with butter and am trying to incorporate more olive oil into my cooking, so this looks like it would be a fabulous fit! I cant wait to try it. 🙂

  2. I love olive oil sprinkled with salt, pepper and oregano poured over feta cheese then the cheese put in a Greek salad 🙂

  3. My absolute favorite use for butter is when I’m deglazing. It adds delicious depth and richness to any pan gravy and I love to watch it slowly melt into a gorgeous, golden pool of greatness! I’ve used this butter and it’s SO good!

  4. My eight year old son and I LOVE dipping bread into a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. As for butter, what isn’t it good on?

  5. My favorite use of butter would have to be my valentine’s day tradition of making caramel pecan sticky buns. They use a TON of butter (hence why we only make them once a year)

  6. My favorite use for butter is on any fresh bread or toast! The butter makes it better:) I bet that olive oil and sea salt butter would be fantastic on focaccia. Mmmmmm.

  7. My favorite use for butter is cooking mushrooms because it not only tastes amazing but also creates the most amazing smell. My favorite use for olive oil is to drizzle over toast with avocado and sea salt. Mmmmmmmm.

  8. I like to use butter with olive oil to brown the meats when I’m making my husband’s great, great grandmother’s meat sauce recipe. The combination of butter and oil mixed with the fat and meat give it a flavor that can’t be created any other way!

  9. Hi Erica! Thank you for such a beautiful, inspiring, love-filled blog! I read it while abroad this past year and it gave me such joy! My favorite use for butter and olive oil (in addition to simply rejoice over having fresh butter after a year without!) is using them TOGETHER to caramelize just about anything, some of my favorites are caramelized onions and pan-fried mushrooms- yum! Thanks and hope you all are having a wonderful week! 🙂

  10. I love to use olive oil to pan cook my chicken. It keeps it so moist and delicious! Although I am eating healthier now, I enjoy using butter whenever I am baking! 🙂

  11. I would have to say on bread….crusty bread, fresh from the oven, zucchini, pumpkin, or banana bread still warm…..slathered in butter! Yum!!!!

  12. For the very reasons you write about – I had been buying the canola/butter mix – and my hub refuses to use it…wanting only pure butter. I am going out (tomorrow – it’s s’posed to be cooler ;-)) and finding this a.s.a.p. — three of our favorite things – sea salt, olive oil and butter! WHOO hoo. Of course one can make their own blend at home…

    I love just a touch of butter on fresh pasta with a teence of lemon and sea salt. I use olive oil on/in most everything.

    Thanks for the opportunity! I adore your blog


  13. Oh poo!!!!!! i barely missed it :(… please do another giveaway like this! btw, love your blog! thank you for standing for good and Godly morals:)

  14. Butter is perfect in so many ways. My favorite use of it is for toast. That little bit of butter melted on a warm piece of toast topped with some jam, makes a perfect breakfast.

  15. I use butter and olive oil daily. We use them in sauteeing, baking, etc. I can’t stand it when people don’t cook with butter!

  16. Butter goes with almost anything in my house, I cook up our moring omlets with veggies sauted in butter and the biscuits are made with olive oil and slathered with honey butter, homemade bread has to have fresh butter with it and dinner most always has fresh steamed veggies with a clarified butter and herb drizzle. The family loves my butter cookies and kiffles also.

  17. I love to use butter in baking, obviously, but it make a great start to may Italian sauces especially those with garlic, or heavy cream. Whenadded with olive oil after melting butter in pan, cook whole ppeeled cloves of garlic on low in the pan, it is a great way to bring out Tuscan flavor!

  18. I love using butter in my cookies…in fact I often double the butter to make them more scrumptious! My soft snickerdoodles and oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookies wouldn’t be what they are with out it!

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