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Hello! I’m Erica Lea.


I’m a 20-something Christian with a desire to cook quality food for my amazing husband. Growing up, I got used to cooking for seven people (Dad, Mom, three sisters, one brother, and myself). My Dad was born right here in Northern Minnesota. From him I get my love of different, interesting flavors and the willingness to try something new. My mom’s southern born: Kansas City, Missouri. From her I have learned how to cook simple, comforting food without using a recipe.

In June, 2011, I entered a new adventure: marriage! You’d think that cooking for two would be quite an adjustment, but I hardly had to change the amounts of food I cook at all. My husband’s family warned me to continue “cooking for seven,” and they were right – my husband eats a lot!


To me, quality not only means a dish that’s delicious, but one that is nourishing as well. It is my belief that irresistibly scrumptious and healthy are not mutually exclusive. Admittedly, I sometimes splurge and eat/cook something totally unhealthy. But I try to keep things natural.


What you’ll find on Cooking for Seven

Here on Cooking for Seven I share recipes I have tried & modified and found to be delicious. My main focus is recipes with a healthy touch. You’ll find that I like to substitute whole wheat flour and natural sugars quite often. But you won’t find that I skimp on good, natural fat. Butter > margarine.


The Photography on Cooking for Seven

In my opinion, a good photo is just about as important as a good recipe. I like to see what the finished product will look like before I put my time and effort into preparing a dish. I hope to give you that chance will my recipes!

The camera I use is the wonderful Nikon D7000. I use a 50mm prime lens. When shooting in low light, I try to use a tripod.

All photos before November 2011 were taken with the Nikon D80.

Stop by my personal blog to see more of my work, or click here to see my portfolio.

Purchase prints here.


You may use my photos on your blog or website as long as you provide clear credit and link back to the post where the photo first appeared or to my blog. You may not alter my images in any way without prior permission. Commercial use is prohibited. All unauthorized reproduction of my photos is prohibited.


Comment Policy

Your comments are welcome – I love hearing from my readers. Please note that all crude, profane, or otherwise offensive comments will be edited or deleted according to my standards. And I hate spam. Spam will automatically be deleted when I find it.


040n2Advertising and Reviews

At the moment, I will accept offers for advertising and reviews that meet with my personal standards. To save yourself the trouble of rejection, here are things that will gain you an automatic refusal:

For advertising: I will not accept offers from companies/websites that promote pornographic, crude, profane, or otherwise offensive products or websites. The actual ad must also be “clean” or G rated. Also, the link must be somehow cooking/food related. If you wish to advertise on my blog, email me for details.

For Reviews: I will not promote anything that does not meet the requirements stated above. I will give my honest opinion of your product. Email me for details.

I am also accepting offers for product give-aways. Email me for details.


Where Cooking for Seven has been featured

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Posts About My Recipes:

Banana Cake from Greedy Gourmand

Apple Muffins from Revamp Boutique

Fruit on the Bottom Baked Oatmeal from Little Joys

Whole Wheat Crackers from 27 and Frugal

Maple Apple Pecan Bread from Bumbles and Light

Maple Pecan Banana Cake from Del Sisters Kitchen

Banana Bread from Quiet Life

Apple Bread from Sparkling Ink

Cinnamon Quick Bread from Cook Teen

Pizza Sauce from One Lovely Life

100% Whole Wheat Bread from Salt and Paprika

Cinnamon Roll Cake from Simple Food Everyday

Cinnamon Roll Cake from Catsue. Bless You. Let’s Eat!

Apple Muffins from A Full Measure of Happiness

Sausage & Potato Soup from A Mad Tea Party

Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup from project 365 – mom & sisters edition

Links to My Recipes:

Katie Brown Blog


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