Baked Oatmeal, Old & New


Fascinating how much your photography can change in just 1.5 years. Way back in December of 2008 I blogged about a delicious recipe I had concocted: Fruit on the Bottom Baked Oatmeal. Here was my original header photo:

I was so proud that captured this image early on a Winter morning.

All of this to say, go and see my guest post on the Tasty Kitchen blog: Fruit on the Bottom Baked Oatmeal.


A Collection of Quick Breads



Hello! I’m still here…just…very…busy. August always seems to become that way. I have a lovely Grandma’s Cooking School post planned (apple strudel), but until I have the time to get it up, allow me to offer you some lovely quick breads from the archives.

Honey Pecan Pear Bread

Banana Nut Bread

Date Bread

Maple Cornbread

Banana Poppyseed Bread

Have a lovely weekend!

Blueberry Cobbler

Have I told you about this cobbler? It is wonderful. Easy, fast, delicious. My dad likes it better than blueberry pie. The first time we made it he said, “You need to USE this recipe.” And so we have.

The construction of the topping was new to me: Cut the butter into the dry ingredients, then add boiling water. The result is a tender, tasty topping. And it’s so much easier than pie dough.

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